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Gecko Prices (Harga Tokek)

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Gecko Prices

Speaking of geckos prices, it is never clear in the market. Almost all geckos offering price on the internet did not completely correct. In internet advertisements, sometimes gecko appreciated very expensive, but sometimes appreciated very cheap. That is, depending on who opened the bidding price.

But most advertisers on the internet come from the mediator. Very rarely a buyer opened the bidding price on the internet. Typically, a buyer only monitor those who offer a gecko. If he is interested in the gecko on offer, usually he immediately contacted the advertiser address, could be via websites, email, phone or even come directly.

But, it's all okay. A mediator can not be blamed entirely. Nonetheless, its existence is required by the owner or purchaser of gecko. Especially the difficulties in terms of marketing. But, unfortunately, if there are mediators who work without ethics. Want to be a big advantage, he'd be willing to play hide and seek. In the end, just goto cake gecko owners of very small gains. While the mediator, only capitalized, cell phones, email and photos gecko, can profit many times the gecko owners.

Well, from here, you should start changing themselves mediators. Doing business with ethics. Honesty and openness with the owner and the buyer is required gecko. With openness, all are equally profitable, are equally happy. Nothing is harmed. Not to create a sense of resentment or hatred in the future.

From this site I threw it to the public last month, various questions arise, whether writing via comments, email, or phone directly. Most of them ask the price of geckos. Some come from owners of geckos, mediators, or from the buyer directly.

However, I always replied "I could not tell." Because, sometimes seeking or offering a gecko by very high prices, but sometimes there's that offer cheap prices. So, about a fixed price can not be ascertained.

For some time communicating with some owners, the mediator and the buyer, I can conclude (if I may), that the price of gecko is different in each region. For example, the price of geckos in Surabaya, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Banjarmasin clear or distinct. Typically, that price depends on the ability of local buyers in paying gecko.

In Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, for example. Gecko prices vary widely. Gecko branch / home / trees / forests, the size of a valued USD 100 thousand ounces, measures 1.5 ounces valued USD 250 thousands, the size of two ounces valued USD 1-5 million, 2.5-ounce sizes up valued at over USD 10 million. etc. .. While the market for stone gecko, the size of two pounds up, was sold at around USD 25 million to Rp 50 million per ounce.

For the gecko limb or a house sold, the condition is relatively the same: a healthy, red dots / black / white, etc.. While the stone gecko, usually a size 2 kilograms up looking, healthy, not forked tongue. Well, according to the information I know. Maybe you know a lot more information about the price of this gecko. If possible, please share price geckos here. Thank you