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Shaw, an author of Zoology of New Holland to name this little bird called Melopsittacus undulates. Melopsittacus comes from Greek, melos, meaning song and psittacua which is a reference to the relatives of birds parakeet. While undulus from the Latin meaning patterned.

This wavy pattern that may be associated with a parakeet feather color variety.

In the year 1831 one of the museums in London, the exhibit displays Linne Society parakeets that died, but it looks like a still life in one room. This is what finally mengundangberbagai parties, particularly experts in the field of perburungan. Among them are John Gould. Starting from where history was brought to England parakeets.

In 1850 the development of this crooked beaked bird began a successful animal Antwerpens dibiakan orchards, Belgium. Because the beauty of this bird plumage several other European countries began to follow-up to import these birds in large numbers. Finally parakeet already developed culture everywhere.

Yellow color in feathers parakeet generated in Belgium in the year 1872 and in Germany in 1875 with the same color. Blue color that appears next in 1878. and white 1917 until the year 1940 following the peak of the diversity of this parakeet feather color.

Causing wide spread of the bird is a lot designations. Dutch people call Undulated parkeet grass. If people call with a french title Ondule Perche. While the Germans used the name Wellensittichberdasarkan Checklist of bird of the world compiled by Peters in 1937 this bird classification of data as follows:

Phylum: Chordataburung parakeet

Children phylum: Vertebrates

Class: Aves

Nation: Psittaciformes

Tribe: Psittacidae

Child rate: Psittacinae

Marga: Melopsittacus

Type: Melopsittacus undulus

Parakeet loves life and is very easy to customize colonize in breeding cages. Common in the wild parakeets breed in october - december. When the mating season the male usually sings in a tone of persuasion to lure females. Up to one another when there is a match then the marriage will soon take place.

Parakeet egg weight ranges from 2.5 grams / grains with an average number of eggs laid 6 eggs / pair parakeets. Even this bird known to be very faithful with her partner, when the female is active lay eggs then the male will wait outside, whistling entertaining at the same time there will be expelled if the intruder approached the nest.

Son of a new parakeet out of its egg shell weighted average of 2.35 grams with eyes still closed condition. After nine days before his eyes open.

After the age of 30 days before the child started parakeets are ready to leave the nest to learn to fly. But despite already began flying, the female usually still fed up to the age of 40 days. After the usual age for marriage preparation for the new generation will be performed.

Children begin to mature sexually for parakeets mating after 90 days of age. The male is old enough to immediately attract females with whistles mautnya to be couples who will mengembangbiakan offspring.

Treatment was relatively easy bird species. Enclosure required is not so great though for breeding though. Size 40 x 40 x 60 cm is enough to start breeding. While for the ornamental beauty of common cage size was memadahi.

But because it is like to colonize a variety of colors and diversity of this it would not be wrong if we set the size of a rather large cage. Besides, we can put a few pairs. The beauty of colorful colorful parakeet with each other will be very clear.

Here are tips on parakeet pemeliharahaan this:

* Try to select a different main color.

* Choose the look is appropriate with their partner because it's easier to breeding

* Adjust the amount of the cage with the number of couples that are not too crowded so the result is less good for the health of birds including the damage in terms of enjoying it. 'Private House' which is generally made from cotton wood shaped into a box provided for each pair of parakeets.

* Prepare well as reserves for the breeding cage when the pair of birds has begun production.

* Keep food and water availability. Usahan in clean condition

* Dispose of food that start rotting due to excess feeding mainly in vegetables such as bean sprouts, corn or other

* The main dishes is millet that birds are easily available at kiosks bird food sellers.

Because food is relatively easy, and fast proliferation of these animals will not only businesses but also many birds livestock hobbies is infatuated with this bird, especially the kids. To that end, how well the owner after performing maintenance of cleanliness of this beautiful bird Do not forget to also clean the hands, especially on kids. It is said that almost all types of potential issues parrots asthma especially among children. But it's not at all the kids of course. Did not have to maintain cleanliness in everything, agree?
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