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Oleh : Ahmaddin Margolang, S.Pi
A. Introduction
Dumbo catfish (Clarias gariepinus) is a species of fish included in the family and genus Clarias Claridae. Dumbo catfish is a freshwater fish that enjoys calm water. This species is a close relative of local catfish (Clarias batrachus) that is known, so that the characteristics of similar marfologinya. This fish is the result of crossbreeding between Africa and catfish catfish Taiwan. (Khairuman and Amri, 2002).
Dumbo catfish has a relative speed of rapid growth is raising the age of 3 months is worth harvesting.
Dumbo catfish have a relatively good prospects, it is marked by the increasing number of vendors pecel catfish on the roadside, in the local markets there are always sellers who lele dumbo more sales capacity compared to other fish (the observation in the hospital market).
B. Swimming Tarpaulins
Swimming pool tarpaulin is basically both sides of the walls are made of tarpaulin. Pool tarp can overcome the risks that occur in swimming pools or explore the cement. Swimming carpet was first tried and created by Mr. Mujarob, a farmer in the rural area of Bekasi Regency, West Java in 1999. Carpet needed to make this pond is a kind of canvas made by the factory where every connection is pressed so that the tarp does not leak. The size of the canvas provided by the manufacturer in accordance with various sizes of ponds that we want.
Making the pool tarp can be done in the garden or in the yard. Land used for this activity can be untapped land or land that has been used, but less productive.
Another advantage of the pool tarpaulin is:
1.Terhindar of wild fish pemangsaan
Water volume control 2.Dilengkapi useful to facilitate the replacement of water and harvest. In addition to facilitate the adjustment of water level in accordance with the age of fish.
3.Dapat made business opportunities micro and macro scale,
4.Lele produced higher quality, catfish look was clean, and uniform.
C. Help, How to Start Charging Water and Seed
To get a quality catfish and a satisfactory result then the condition of the pond should be adjusted to the preferred habitat of catfish.
First 1.Langkah
The inside of the pool tarpaulin cloth or wash with brush to remove the smell of glue or chemicals that can kill fish seed. After it dried pond diving one day, then the pool filled with water as high as 30 cm. The depth is very ideal for seedlings at any time to move surface water. Water that has been filled left for a week.
Second 2.Langkah
The next set of seeds as many as 2000 fish size from 3 to 5 cm. For pond sizes x 3 m 4 m x 1 m. Use of seed size should have eaten the grain pellets (F 999). This is to facilitate the maintenance and feeding, to prevent many deaths. Newly purchased seed (just arrived) do not directly incorporated into the existing pool of seed packets into dimsukkan plastic bucket and then add the water little by little, the addition of water was made up to 3 times. Catfish seedlings in order to adapt to the temperature of water in the pond.
D. Catfish Care Pool dumbo in the Hood
Treatment catfish in the pond tarp in general no different from other treatments in the pond. Several treatments are necessary catfish in the pond observed the tarpaulin is as follows:
Substitution 1.Penambahan water and water
When the water in the pool because the tarp down the evaporation process then add water until the water level back to normal position. Addition of water carried from the high water to 30 cm to 80 cm. increments each month (a month plus water to 15 to 20 cm).
Substitution of water when the water is starting to look dirty (this is marked with the fish started hanging). Pegantian water until the age of 2 months is usually performed 2 times. Then in the third month done in 2 weeks (this is done because in the third month of the feeding more and more and more dense populations of fish). Substitution of water by opening channels of expenditure (paralon) until the water is low (almost dry). At the turn of the water is usually done by separating the sorting of fish is very rapid growth .. If after the turn of the water a few days later the water looks brown and rancid-smelling it is necessary to do the addition and subtraction of water (water circulation in and out).
2.Pemberian Feed
Lele dumbo feeding should be adjusted to the big fish's mouth. The feed is the feed given from the factory to the fish rearing activities so early feeding is 999 m to 2 weeks of age fish, then fish 781-2 until the age of 2 months and until the age of 781 ready to harvest fish that is 3 months. Comparison with feed crops are given 1: 1 (1 kg of feed konfersi to produce 1 kg of fish meat). There are even farmers who konfersi pakannya 0.8: 1 means that 0.8 kg of feed to produce 1 kg of fish meat.
The emphasis given feed costs can be done by way of providing additional feed chicken intestine and snails mas at 1-month-old fish samapai 3 months.
Provision of a dead chicken or chicken intestine must be fresh then boiled and then given a fish. While feeding snails mas done by boiling snails mas cooled and then pried mas conch meat with nails and sticks or given in accordance with the needs of fish.
To meet the needs of catfish feed in the macro business, you should feed pellets should be made alone. Finally, from the description of catfish feed should underlined that efforts should be made of pressure-feed expenses for the purchase maximize business results.
E. Harvest
Catfish Harvest dikolam tarp can be done by sorting the harvest or the harvest as well as (all).
Harvest sorting is to choose fish that are suitable for consumption (market) size is usually 5 samapai 10 tails per kg. or in accordance with the market wants, then maintained a small size again.
Harvest and usually by increasing the age of fish so the fish can be harvested all of the appropriate size to market demands.